the positive, warm or happy feeling you get when working or at work 

{WORK} joy 

1. (noun) the positive, warm or happy feeling you get about work, when working or at work 

2. (verb) the actions to create and cultivate a more joyful working life 

Beth Stallwood is a qualified executive coach with over 15 years’ experience. Her mission is to help people create and cultivate more WORKJoy. Beth’s coaching style balances support and challenge in equal measure, enabling people to empower themselves to achieve their goals.  
By focussing on unlocking talents, interrupting unhelpful habits, building confidence and navigating through challenges, Beth supports her people to find joy in their current roles, discover the right blend of work and life and be ready for the future. 

With experience across commercial, public sector and not-for-profit environments, Beth’s diverse background has allowed her to be highly agile in her approach, adapting to fit the context, culture and needs of each person on the WORKJoy Way programme. With a focus on the UK market, she has honed her skills in developing future leaders who can adapt, contribute and lead in an ever-changing world.  
By initially focusing on strengths, she enables people to grow in confidence and find ways to utilise their skills in an authentic and sustainable way. Un-afraid to challenge, she helps people to face up to, and proactively tackle, areas where they are not finding joy in their work. She uses a variety of coaching models to suit the unique needs of each individual.   



WORKJoy is a state of positivity and openness. It’s a hopeful place where you feel energised to make things happen and able to take on challenges. 
WORKJoy shows on the outside too, that warm feeling translates to a real smile (you can tell by the eyes), a positive tone in your voice and even a little skip in your step.   

Sources of WORKJoy range from tiny things, like ticking off an item on a to-do list (oh, the satisfaction!), to the bigger, more unwieldy things like “organisational culture”.  

what is

Luckily, sources of WORKJoy are plentiful and, when you seek them out, they multiply. They vary based on your personality and preferences, so the combination of what brings you WORKJoy on a consistent basis will be unique to you.

It doesn't happen by magic.
You need to experiment and
practice creating and cultivating

{WORK} gloom

1. (noun) is the negative, sad or frustrated feeling you get about work, when working or at work 

2. (verb) the unhelpful actions or habits that lead us into work-based negativity

WORKgloom is a state of passiveness and negativity. It stifles your energy, engagement and passion for work. In its mild version its best describes as feeling a bit “meh” and in its chronic version “crushing” 

WORKgloom shows on the outside too, showing up as a resting gloom face, a moany tone in your voice and can lead to a physical change in your posture (hiding away from the world) 
Sources of WORKgloom range from seemingly trivial (yet horribly impactful) things like “someone didn’t smile at me today” and to much bigger things like “leadership” 

Unfortunately, sources of WORKgloom are plentiful (the harsh truth!). What gets you riled up will be unique to you, although there are many recurring themes 

Some sources of WORKgloom are the things that happen to you and some are situations you create for yourself. This means you can’t just blame other people and expect anything to change - you have to do the work yourself. To tame and manage the WorkGloom, you need to work on reframing and repositioning it 

WHAT IS WORK           ?


WORKJoy isn't about completely ridding yourself of all WORKGloom moments. Let's live in the real world and accept that there are always going to be things like annoying policies, frustrating people and technology that wants to try our patience - you can’t fix everything.
WORKJoy isn't about being happy all the time, plastering on a fake smile or never feeling bad or sad. There will always be times when you just feel crappy. Accepting this and allowing yourself a bad day (or two) to feel all the emotions is part of WorkJoy and not the opposite of it. 

WORKJoy isn't about passively accepting a work environment:  
That is just wrong for you (square peg, round hole)   
Where you feel bullied, harassed or unsafe   
Where you’re experiencing discrimination  

These factors go way beyond the usual WORKGloom annoyances and frustrations. They describe a working culture that is either not right for you or not right for anyone. If you’re stuck in these situations, please talk to someone you trust. Finding a place to work where you and your brilliance are properly valued is important. 



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