When I first created this experiment for my signature coaching programme the WorkJoy Way, I hoped it would act as a useful foundation for answering the question of “where do you get yours?’.

What I hadn’t expected was how transformational this activity was in its own right! Sometimes the simplest things really do have the biggest impact.

Because of its impact, I knew I had to get it out there into the big wide world.

I gift this experiment to you now and I hope it brings you clarity and, most importantly, helps you to find the next action that will help you cultivate more WorkJoy in your life.

By committing just 15-minutes a day for five days, you could get yourself ready to seriously improve the level of joy in your life.

I’d LOVE to hear about the impact and outcomes you experience – please share on socials, DM or email hello@createworkjoy.com to tell me your story.

Beth Stallwood
Founder & Lead Coach
Create WorkJoy

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