You somehow ended up in your role, team or organisation without quite making a decision to be there, and now you feel stuck…

You’re sick of feeling like everyone else is calling the shots on your life but aren’t sure how to take the reins back…

You’re underperforming because there’s a part of your job that you don’t like, don’t have the skills for or generally just suck at…

You have more control than you think

You’re doing ALL THE THINGS to feel better at work but still feeling meh and you’re wondering when your WorkJoy is going to kick in…

All this talk of WorkJoy sounds pretty appealing but you’re still not sure what it actually is or how you get it…

What is WorkJoy? (hint: it’s not a destination)

Goals are fun, aren’t they? There’s nothing better than living with a goal inside you, that you haven’t told anyone about yet (because that would break the spell!). While some people make it look easy, for others it’s more complicated. If that’s you, I’m here to help.

How to create goals that won’t go in the bin.

In this guide, I’m sharing perhaps the single most important factor in reconnecting with and sharing more WorkJoy: selfishness.

WorkJoy isn’t selfish. In fact it’s essential. 

In this guide, we’re going to be diving into three stories that may or may not be keeping you stuck in Samesville when you really want to be moving onto…well, somewhere new. I’ve got reflection questions and a whole piece about micro-learning that I feel very passionate about

You’re never going to feel ready, so start now

Problem with values? I hear you. From lifestyle blogs to business boardrooms, values are everywhere. Maybe you know what your values are; maybe you don’t (yet!) but to my mind there’s one thing that elevates values from being the latest buzz word to having actual, well…value, and that’s doing something with them.

Using your values to make great choices

Whatever brought you here, welcome to this in-depth guide to the absolutely non-frivolous nature of WorkJoy. I’ll be walking you step-by-joyful-step through some ideas, exercises and inspiration that’ll help reveal WorkJoy as the serious (but also seriously AWESOME) business it is. Because…well, you deserve WorkJoy in your life, you can make it happen, and I’m here to help you.

WorkJoy isn’t frivolous

Christmas is a funny old time, isn’t it? The build up is kind of hectic. There’s presents to be bought, food to be ordered, maybe an event or five to get glammed up for (remember JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out), though). The kids are off. The family is down. Something’s always been forgotten. Then, on the other side, there’s…nothing much at all. As the years go by, it seems to me that more and more organisations shut up shop between Christmas and New Year, giving us all an enforced rest and real opportunity to recharge. My advice? Don’t waste it. 

Joy to the world (and your 2024)

I spend my professional life (and my personal life, actually), talking about joy. Like, a lot. I believe in joy. And I especially believe in cultivating joy in unexpected contexts, like work. Everyone wants to feel fulfilled at work (as well as appreciated, rewarded and many other things) but very few of us expect joy. […]

It’s not all joy and rainbows. Here’s what to do when gloom happens.

Ah, networking. What other activity gets you out of bed pre-dawn for a sad little croissant in a hotel basement? Or slouching out of the office for a too-warm glass of white and a handful of crisps when you’d rather be doing…well, just about anything else?  Neither of these conditions are particularly conducive to great […]

Skip the small talk. Why big talk is (so much) better for your networking.