Christmas is a funny old time, isn’t it? The build up is kind of hectic. There’s presents to be bought, food to be ordered, maybe an event or five to get glammed up for (remember JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out), though). The kids are off. The family is down. Something’s always been forgotten. Then, on the other side, there’s…nothing much at all. As the years go by, it seems to me that more and more organisations shut up shop between Christmas and New Year, giving us all an enforced rest and real opportunity to recharge. My advice? Don’t waste it. 

Joy to the world (and your 2024)

I spend my professional life (and my personal life, actually), talking about joy. Like, a lot. I believe in joy. And I especially believe in cultivating joy in unexpected contexts, like work. Everyone wants to feel fulfilled at work (as well as appreciated, rewarded and many other things) but very few of us expect joy. […]

It’s not all joy and rainbows. Here’s what to do when gloom happens.

Ah, networking. What other activity gets you out of bed pre-dawn for a sad little croissant in a hotel basement? Or slouching out of the office for a too-warm glass of white and a handful of crisps when you’d rather be doing…well, just about anything else?  Neither of these conditions are particularly conducive to great […]

Skip the small talk. Why big talk is (so much) better for your networking.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is an icky feeling that most of us will experience at some point in our lives. It is the fear that you might miss out on something exciting or important that others are experiencing. This feeling is often heightened by social media, where you see other people’s highlight reels and […]

How JOMO is the Antidote to FOMO (and how to get more of it)

What's Your Benchmark

It’s human nature to want to know where we fit. To understand our place in the pecking order. To know where we stand against others. To be clear if we’re better or worse? Often, we find ourselves comparing our insides (how we feel) to other people’s outsides (what they present to the world) and end […]

What’s Your Benchmark?

I’m joyfully working in WorkJoy HQ when my phone pings. A slack message: the first ever batch of my first ever book, WorkJoy: A toolkit for a better working life, is due to arrive at my house next week. Excited much? I might actually explode. I love real books. Holding them in my hands and […]

The Book Writing Rollercoaster

The Jar of Joy

Our brains are naturally drawn the to the dark side due to a little (big) thing called negativity bias. There’s good reason for it, it helps protect us and keep us safe from harm. Yet it can also lead to getting lost in your own head, making mountains where molehills once stood, focusing on the worst-case scenario and catastrophising about the smallest things.

The Jar of Joy

Weed or Wildflower…

‘Tis the season when the wildflowers begin to bloom in the meadow where I walk my dog. I’m a big fan of the colourful array of varying shapes and sizes. I love how they find a spot and just go for it.

Weed or Wildflower…

Over the years, I’ve spent many hours on trains (and sometimes planes) alongside people travelling for work. Often, it’s people with their teammates, having discussions about their work. As someone who suffers from the dreaded travel sickness, I can’t look at a computer or even listen to a podcast. I must sit there (if I’m […]

Casual Advocacy

Cages or Wings

My favourite way to experience a story is through the medium of music. I have a special place in my heart for musical theatre.

Cages or Wings?